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Ha well… you’re my favourite!

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I loved Lost so much.

I literally have no idea who she is.

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Every year on the 15th of April, the football world comes together. The world game stops worldwide and remembers those who were lost on that day at Hillsborough in 1989. A day where 96 football fans followed their team to a match and never returned. Every year, on this day, rivalries are lost and all focus turns to remorse, in remembrance of the fans that never returned. In a day where football is so important, some things are more important than football. 

So if you’re a player, family, a fan or anyone at all involved in this wonderful football club, remember the 96 who lost their lives at Hillsborough and most importantly remember, You’ll Never Walk Alone. 

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Hehe, you too… anonymous person <3

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It always disappoints me when people don&#8217;t get this reference. I do it a lot&#8230; #piratedoor

It always disappoints me when people don’t get this reference. I do it a lot… #piratedoor

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